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Paths for suing over a drunk driving accident

by | May 17, 2022 | Personal Injury

Drunk drivers sometimes seriously injure others, thus triggering significant medical bills. If someone gets inebriated and crashes into you, suing is a reasonable response.

Learn a bit about the legal options victims of drunk driving accidents have. The knowledge you gather will help guide your path moving forward.

Criminal proceedings versus civil proceedings

Pursuing criminal charges or initiating a civil suit depends on your desires. If you want to protect the public from further danger, you want to see a criminal case. Someone receiving a criminal drunk driving conviction is likely to lose driving privileges. Another possibility is the driver must use an ignition interlock device.

Criminal charges, though, never result in financial compensation. Only through a civil proceeding can you earn money for medical bills and lost wages. A judge will also consider what you deserve for pain and suffering.

These types of cases are mutually exclusive. Drunk drivers often face both criminal charges and civil suits over one accident.

Suing an insurance company versus suing a driver

Your car insurance may be enough to cover all your damages. The insurance company protecting the offending driver might also help make you whole. Unfortunately, insurance providers often try to pay as little as possible. If the offer you receive is inadequate, taking the insurance agency to court might be sensible.

Sometimes, drunk drivers have no insurance. If the individual who hit you lacks coverage, you may sue that person directly. Someone without insurance likely does not have much wealth. Thus, initiating such a lawsuit might not be worthwhile.

Anyone hurt by a negligent driver deserves significant compensation. Consider your legal choices when seeking what you deserve.