Poor visibility and traffic collisions

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

From reckless driving to bad signage, motor vehicle crashes happen for many different reasons. Sometimes, weather can play a role in an accident, such as poor visibility. When people have difficulty seeing the road and other vehicles, pedestrians or bicyclists, an accident becomes more likely.

Sadly, traffic collisions that occur as a result of fog, smoke and other factors that result in poor visibility claim many lives each year. It is crucial to go over data on this issue in order to understand the toll of these accidents and stay focused on prevention.

Data on fog-related traffic accidents

The Federal Highway Administration states that on an annual basis, fog-related traffic collisions result in the loss of more than 600 lives. In addition, over 16,300 people sustain injuries as a result of motor vehicle wrecks that take place during fog per year. Moreover, a typical year sees more than 38,700 fog-related traffic collisions.

Traffic accident risks associated with poor visibility

For starters, when poor visibility occurs as a result of fog, wind-driven snow, smoke or dust, drivers can struggle to see other vehicles and avoid hazards on the road, which can lead to a crash. High speeds, intoxicated driving and other forms of reckless behavior become particularly dangerous during periods of low visibility. Also, fog and other factors that affect visibility can lead to more speed variance, which increases the chances of a crash.

If you have suffered an injury due to an accident that occurred in foggy weather, it is critical to focus on all aspects of your recovery.