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Understanding the long-term effects of a brain injury

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Personal Injury

Personal injury cases involving a brain injury require extensive medical assessments before you agree to a settlement. Despite their frequency, brain injuries remain misunderstood and underestimated. Few people realize that brain injuries may lead to serious lasting complications.

Before you agree to any settlement after suffering a blow to the head, even a mild concussion, you should understand the potential long-term effects.

Cognitive issues following a brain injury

For some patients, cognitive challenges never go away after a brain injury. Struggles such as memory loss, confusion and difficulty concentrating can interfere with your ability to retain employment and navigate your daily life.

Physical challenges after a brain injury

Some brain injuries lead to chronic headaches and vision disruptions that do not improve. Brain injuries also increase the risk of seizures, dizziness and balance issues. Another concern is that trouble with your balance increases your risk of falling and injuring yourself again.

Mental health effects of a brain injury

While the physical effects of a brain injury are more widely known, many people overlook the mental health effects of these injuries. A brain injury can increase the risk of depression, anxiety and even mood swings. What you may dismiss as difficulty adjusting to your new normal could be a mental health condition that needs attention.

Consider the long-term effects of a brain injury before you discuss any settlement offer with the responsible party. Make sure that the settlement you consider will be enough to address lingering challenges such as these if they should arise.