What are compound fractures?

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Personal Injury

Broken, sprained or fractured bones will cause the victim not only a lot of pain, but also a lot of time due to the lengthy healing process.

This poses a major issue to workers who rely on their able bodies to get their jobs done. Some types of breaks or fractures have even longer healing periods or even more potentially serious outcomes than others, causing even more concern for workers. This includes compound fractures.

Defining a compound fracture

Cleveland Clinic discusses compound fractures, sometimes called open fractures due to the fact that the bone is visible through the skin due to snapping and then piercing through the flesh from the inside. This type of break requires surgery in order to realign the bone.

This compares to “simple” or “closed” fractures, in which the bone may break or fracture but it does not pierce through the skin. Comparatively, compound fractures will cause the sufferer much more pain. Many victims experience fear or even terror if they witness their bone sticking out, too, which can even send a victim into shock.

Common locations and causes

Compound fractures occur in the limbs more often than any other part of the body, especially bones within the legs. However, these fractures can also occur in the ribs, pelvis, face or spine.

The most common causes of compound fractures include car crashes, contact sports like football, and falls from significant heights. However, anything that causes sudden pressure on a bone may result in a fracture.

In order to heal properly, victims should always seek immediate medical attention and follow the advice of their doctor.