What are delayed onset injuries?

by | May 9, 2023 | Personal Injury

A car accident of any magnitude can leave you with more than just a hassle with a damaged vehicle. You may start noticing issues with how you feel in the days following the collision.

While some aches and pains are normal following a crash, others may provide a sign that something else is going on underneath the surface. Take a look at some of the injuries that are not always obvious in the immediate aftermath of a crash.

Black and blue marks that get worse

Bruising around the seatbelt across the chest is somewhat normal after an accident. However, when bruises get worse or encompass a larger part of the body, it may signal internal bleeding. The area of the body more prone to this type of injury is the abdomen.

Headache that intensifies with over-the-counter medication

A traumatic brain injury may not manifest in the hours after an accident. The signs of an underlying injury may begin as a headache that over-the-counter drugs do not help. In fact, in the days after a crash, if a headache gets worse, and causes additional symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting or memory issues may prove a brain injury lurking.

Numbness or tingling in one area of the body

Much like head injuries, back injuries may not become apparent until days after the crash. A pinched nerve or herniated disc may initially go undetected. Tingling or numbness in one area of the body may signal one of these injuries. Leaving it untreated may result in permanent damage and even paralysis.

Delayed onset injuries may spell trouble for your future if not diagnosed and treated promptly. It is better to get medical attention following a crash.