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What are some signs of a traumatic brain injury?

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Personal Injury

A sudden blow to your head during an accident at work or any other place can leave you in shock. In the time after this injury, you may start to notice signs that you are not acting like your normal self.

Knowing how brain trauma shows itself can help you if you worry about what steps to take next.

Nausea and continual unrest

According to the Mayo Clinic, being unable to fall asleep or struggling to stay asleep are often signs of possible brain injury. Not only can this interrupt your daily routine, but you may also notice you have more headaches and feelings of fatigue than usual.

Throwing up continually and even losing consciousness at different times during the day may leave you unable to operate a vehicle or go to work. This kind of disruption can make it harder to interact with others or eat enough food.

Confusion during discussions

When talking with other people, they may start to show signs of confusion about how you speak or what you say. Suffering from a brain injury can cause you to emote strangely and become hard to understand. You may not notice this problem in yourself, while others are more likely to tell you something is different.

Risk-seeking behavior

If you find yourself taking more risks and caring less about consequences, it could be a sign of brain trauma. An increase in anger and more verbal fights with loved ones or other people may happen because of an injury.

Staying aware of the common issues associated with brain trauma can help you if you are struggling after an accident.